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Most of the information and facts are compiled by me. If information is insufficient, some of them are from various websites, for example, SkyscraperPage.com and Emporis.com

Most of the information are heavily modified and edited when some sites do not have enough data to collect.


Notice: If you have spotted mistakes in any data, please contact me.

Rank #

Structural Name (Click on name for Building Data)

1 Taipei 101 New Addition*
Last updated: 6/January/2005
Taipei, Taiwan
2 Petronas Twin Towers
Last updated:
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sears Tower
Last Updated:

Chicago, Illinos, USA


Jin Mao Tower
Last Updated:

Shanghai, China

5 Two International Finance Center **
Last Updated:
Hong Kong, China
6 CITIC Plaza
Last Updated:
Guangzhou, China
7 Shun Hing Square Shenzhen, China
8 Empire State Building New York, USA
9 Central Plaza Hong Kong, China
10 Bank Of China Tower ** Hong Kong, China
11 Emirates Office Tower ** Dubai, UAE
12 Tuntex Sky Tower ** Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Aon Center **

Chicago, USA


The Center **

Hong Kong, China

15 John Hancock Center ** Chicago, USA
16 Wuhan International Securities Building ** Wuhan, China
17 Ryugyong Hotel ** Pyongyang, North Korea
18 Burj Al Arab ** Dubai, UAE
19 Chrysler Building New York, USA
20 Bank Of America Plaza ** Atlanta, USA