There must always be globalization in this world. Here's one way, through the net.
Here are some certain networks that are categorized similarly...
(And I've known some of the webmasters here as well!)


Webmaster: Dylan Leblanc

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Descriptions: A very well known skyscraper website. You can also
view diagrams and see drawings done by some other illustrators.
Some of my drawings are there as well.

Webmaster: Emporis Group

Descriptions: Also another very well known skyscraper website.
Provides data bases of buildings, images and alot more.

Name: Great Buildings Online
Webmaster: ArchitectureWeek

Descriptions: Data and 3D Models of buildings and houses.
Also talks about Design and Architecture.

Name: SkyscraperCIty Forums
Webmaster: ?

Descriptions: A large forum of skyscrapers and Architecture.
Over 9000 members on board and still counting!

Webmaster: Patrick Beckers

Descriptions: Many many pictures of skyscrapers. Without this website,
I will, absolutely never find a way to illustrate my buildings...
All thanks to Patrick Beckers... Photographer and webmaster.

Name: All About Skyscrapers
Webmaster: Richie Gill

As like what the name implies, a very detailed descriptions and informative site
about tall buildings and skyscrapers... Also uses some of my
drawings for the diagram page...


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If you would like to add Skyscraper to your website,
or would like to add your site here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you


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