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This is, not the end of illustrations.

Sure, you would like to read this post I created in this thread. This should explain
in certain in-depth detail.

My blog has also been updated, you might want to check it out.

World Cup 2006 is coming!!!

Last Updated: 3June/2006

Welcome to the pixel-less world

Many of our works are pixel based formats, usually drawn with
Microsoft Paint and Corel PhotoPaint. But this time round, we're
doing an experiment with vector, which is illustrating without the usage
of pixels, that can be blown to any size, regardless to what amount.

Give you an example, Film cameras vs. Digital Cameras. Digital? Yes, at a
limited maximum number of megapixels. Film? How big you want it? You got it.

See what we meant? This time, we're using "Film". (Of course, with an SLR)

The current drawing selected to be experimented in vector is the
Petronas Twins in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Updates can be seen here.

Last Updated: 7/May/2006

Now aged 18... Time to get bad! Or is it?

Stupid Things? No. Be stupid; but at the same time, wise.
Happy Birthday to myself...

I guess this birthday is a rather simple
and less "roud on loud" Crowded House.

Last Updated: 28/April/2006

The personal getaway: Photographs and memories...

New links added in the community pages, added my own cellphone
photography page, as you can see it
here. These pictures are taken by myself,
with the Nokia 6230i and Samsung SGH X700.

I must say, they're both equally good phones!

Last updated: 14/April/2006


CITIC Plaza, an achievement. The webstats counter, an irritating junk.

You can check it out here! Drawn at a scale of 18:1.
The scale has been revamped ever since the 300dpi
 print quality came into ruling by us.

In other news, Webstat4u site stats counter has been taken away
from our website for popping up annoying ads to our visitors.
We hope that the new counter, made from eKstreme.com
 will not give or cause any "troubles". Will be monitored extensively.

Last Updated: 16/March/2006

Now Drawing: CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou, China

CITIC Plaza, located in GuangZhou, currently is the tallest Re-enforced
concrete structure in the World and it will be
drawn in a scale of approximately 10:1

Please also note that recent scales have been flexible,
for better quality printing. A rule of thumb, all drawings
are to have a minimum height of 5000 pixels, reason
behind it for a 300dpi print.

Last Updated: 25/February/2006







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